Sadly I have an idea :)

If you edit test case and save it using the button that will make changes only in given test suite/specification, the test case will be duplicated and this new duplicate will be used in the suite or specification. Test cases in test suites are ordered by <id, order> . Initially it was only by <id>, order was added later and I think all test cases have order to 1 by default (thinking about it, the migration should have been better). And because ID of new test case is higher than ID of the initial test case, it is moved to the end.

Solution is to update the order properties of each test case.


On 11/03/18 17:20, wrote:
March 11, 2018 11:08 AM, "Hermien Pellissier" <> wrote:

Hi José,

Oops! I edited test case 1.1 (Code folding after opening a file) and after

saving, it dropped to the bottom of it's test suite, so now it's 1.10...!!!
That's bad, as the test cases have a sort of logical order and sometimes
refer to the previous one. I don't see a way to fix the order, though.
You can fix it by using this workaround: edit all the other test suite 1
test cases one by one, in order. I tried it out on "Add javadoc code",
which now appears after "Code folding after opening a file" at the end of
the list. Luckily there are only 10 of them...

Thanks, I'd sort of figured that was one way, but I didn't have enough free 
time yesterday. I'll do the rest of the edits (and reshuffling today. There 
should be an easier way though, isn't technology supposed to work for us and 
not vice-versa... :D


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