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> > > I'm not opposed to running non-BPF code at XDP. I'm against adding
> > > a linked list of hook consumers.  
> I also worry about the performance impact of a linked list.  We should
> simple benchmark it instead of discussing it! ;-)

(Note, there are some stability issue with this RFC patchset, when
removing the xdp program, that I had to workaround/patch)

I've started benchmarking this and I only see added cost of 2.89ns from
these patches, at these crazy speeds it does correspond to -485Kpps.

 I was really expecting to see a higher cost of this approach.

I tested this on two different machines. One was suppose to work with
DDIO, but I could not get DDIO working on that machine (result in max
12.7Mpps drop).  Even-though the mlx5 card does work with DDIO.  Even
removed the mlx5 and used same slot but no luck.   (A side-note: Also
measured a 16ns performance difference between which PCIe slot I'm

The reason I wanted to benchmark this on a DDIO machine is, that I'm
suspecting that the added cost, could be hiding behind the cache miss.

Well, I'm running out-of-time benchmarking this stuff, I must prepare
for my Network Performance Workshop ;-)

(A side-note: my skylake motherboard also had a PCI slot, so I found an
old e1000 NIC in my garage, and it worked!)
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