I need help with a program I've discovered with my driver (ethernet/qualcomm/emac/) that occurs in the following process:

1. Load the driver
1a. Driver calls mdiobus_register (see emac_phy_config), which calls mdiobus_scan(), which calls get_phy_device() 1b. get_phy_device() performs MDIO bus operations, which means the bus and the external phy need to be active.
2. Bring up the interface
3. Bring down the interface. This calls phy_disconnect() which calls phy_detach() which calls phy_suspend(). This puts the external phy to sleep.
4. Unload the driver
5. Re-load the driver.
5a. Driver calls mdiobus_register again, but this time the call to get_phy_device() fails because the external phy is asleep and does not respond to MDIO transactions.

I don't know what my driver is doing wrong. I'm concerned that mdiobus_register() is causing MDIO transactions to occur before the rest of the EMAC has a chance to initialize. I've examined many other drivers, and I think I'm initializing things in the proper order.

The call to mdiobus_register() occurs before I know what phydev is. Since I need the phydev in order to talk to the phy driver, I don't see how I can "wake up" the external phy before calling mdiobus_register().

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