Andrew Lunn wrote:
Please can you tell us what PHY which is, and how it is put to sleep
and woken up.

It's the at803x driver.

It goes to sleep in its at803x_suspend() function, which is called by phy_suspend().

There is a corresponding at803x_resume(). The problem is that this is not called by mdiobus_register(). I'm guessing that mdiobus_register() assumes that the phy is awake.

It seems like a catch-22. mdiobus_register() assumes that the phy is awake, but you can't wake up the phy until after you call mdiobus_register().

If the PHY cannot be woken up using MDIO, then maybe you need to look
at the mdio bus reset call?

I looked at that, but it won't work because there is no phydev when the reset function is called:

It's the same catch-22.

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