On 2017/3/31 10:57, Alexei Starovoitov wrote:
On 3/30/17 7:53 PM, Wangnan (F) wrote:
I suggest using a CONFIG option to enable/disable code in
test_run.o to reduce attack plane.

attack plane? what attack do you see and how config helps?

I think all testing features are not required to be compiled
for a production system. A feature which should never be used
looks dangerous to me.

I suggest adding a CONFIG option like CONFIG_BPF_PROGRAM_TEST_RUN
to control whether the kernel should be compiled with this feature
or not. We can enable by default, and give people a chance to
turn it off. At least in my company people tends to turn all
unneeded features off. If you don't provide a config option they
will make one by themselves.

Thank you.

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