On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 18:56:14 +0100
Daniel Borkmann <dan...@iogearbox.net> wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against such tool or test, I think
> it's a great idea and needed. I just think that tools/lib/bpf/ is not
> the right place to put it into lib directory. Right now, as you say,
> it's a mixture of example code on how to use the lib, and tool at the
> same time to dump/test load an object file with libbpf.

Okay, to avoid polluting the directory of the library with test/samples
programs, bow for your suggestion of moving the file to the selftests

I'm at FOSDEM now, and I cannot send a V2 patch right now... If you
need this in fast (due merge timing), you can make the change yourself
and apply it... else I'll send a V2 on Tuesday.

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