From: Daniel Axtens <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:05:30 +1100

> I've been trying to wrap my head around GSO for a while now. This is a
> set of small changes to the docs that would probably have been helpful
> when I was starting out.
> I realise that GSO_DODGY is still a notable omission - I'm hesitant to
> write too much on it just yet as I don't understand it well and I
> think it's in the process of changing.

Series applied, thanks for doing this.

Generally speaking, the "dodgy" attributes mean that the packet came from
an "untrusted" source such as a virtualization guest or similar.

When set, it tells us that we cannot trust the GSO attributes of the
packet nor the geometry of the SKB.  For example, a malicious guest
could sent us a TCP packet, yet set SCTP GSO attributes.

It largely means that we have to perform extra verifications and sanity
checking that would not be necessary for in-kernel generated GSO packets
which we could assume are properly formed.


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