On 2/14/2018 11:49 AM, Sowmini Varadhan wrote:
On (02/14/18 11:10), Santosh Shilimkar wrote:

Please see https://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg483627.html

Just saw it and responded to Dave.

@@ -356,6 +358,53 @@ int rds_message_copy_from_user(struct rds_message *rm, 
struct iov_iter *from)
        sg = rm->data.op_sg;
        sg_off = 0; /* Dear gcc, sg->page will be null from kzalloc. */
+       if (zcopy) {
+               int total_copied = 0;
+               struct sk_buff *skb;
+               skb = alloc_skb(SO_EE_ORIGIN_MAX_ZCOOKIES * sizeof(u32),
+                               GFP_KERNEL);
This can sleep so you might want to check if you want to use ATOMIC version

I think it should be fine: rds_message_copy_from_user() is called
in process context, and if you notice, the calling function rds_sendmsg()
also has this
    1100         rm = rds_message_alloc(ret, GFP_KERNEL);
    1101         if (!rm) {
    1102                 ret = -ENOMEM;
    1103                 goto out;
    1104         }

    1106         /* Attach data to the rm */
    1113                 ret = rds_message_copy_from_user(rm, &msg->msg_iter);

So using GFP_KERNEL is as safe as the call at line 1100.

Was just asking you to check if it is safe. The path already
does that so we are good.

+                       return -ENOMEM;
+               }
NOMEM new application visible change but probably the right one for this
particular case. Just need to make sure application can handle this

I think the application already handles this correctly (see line 1102 above)

Indeed. Thanks for checking.


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