From: Harald Welte <>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 19:37:30 +0100

> I was speaking of actual *users* as in indiiduals running their own
> systems, companies running their own servers/datacenter.  The fact that
> some ISP (or its supplier) decisdes that one of my IP packets is routed
> via a smartnic with XDP offloading somewhere is great, but still doesn't
> turn me into a "user" of that technology.  Not in my linke of thinking,
> at least.

I am sorry that our opinions differ.

I must consider all users of Linux both direct and indirect, to
determine impact and where resources and efforts should be allocated.

>> And by in large, for system tracing and analysis eBPF is basically
>> a hard requirement for people doing anything serious these days.
> That's great, but misses the point.  I was referring to usage in the
> context of the kernel network stack.  Sorry for not being explicit
> enough.

And that misses the point entirely.

Which is that eBPF is more than just networking, so it is missing
that this technology is not just networking specific but a kernel
wide one that is being adopted in every nook and cranny of the

> Sure, one data center / hosting / "cloud" provider can quickly roll out
> a change in their network.  But I'm referring to significant,
> (Linux-)industry-wide adoption.

Hehe, I guess whatever definition works for the position you are
trying to take.

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