Originally I also added the following lines but it made the print too slow for
the test to pass.

It printed the following warning:
        inet/socket.t: WARNING: line 8: 'add rule ip sockip4 sockchain socket 
exists': 'socket exists' mismatches 'socke'
        inet/socket.t: WARNING: line 9: 'add rule ip sockip4 sockchain socket 
flags transparent': 'socket flags transparent' mismatches 'socket'

To be honest I don't know what this criterion means so if it is important please
notify me.

diff --git a/src/statement.c b/src/statement.c
index ff6a98a..ec3b0c0 100644
--- a/src/statement.c
+++ b/src/statement.c
@@ -183,6 +183,10 @@ static void socket_stmt_print(const struct stmt *stmt, 
struct output_ctx *octx)
             *existance_str = (s->exists) ? "exists" : "missing";
        nft_print(octx, "socket");
+       if(octx->stateless)
+               return;
        if (s->flags) {
                __u8 f = s->flags;
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