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Robert Grider

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 2:28:53 AM UTC-5, Waseem Akram wrote:
> Hi, everyone!
> I'm using a small network where I use some nodes as sources and some are 
> targets. Now I want to implement a local routing algorithm. 
> Here are steps of the algorithm.
>    - walkers are placed on sources
>    -  At each node, each walker chooses the next node of its neighbor's
>    - If all the neighboring nodes have not been visited, then the next 
>    neighbor is chosen among the nodes that have not been visited.
>    - If all the neighboring nodes have been visited previously, then the 
>    next node is chosen uniformly among all the neighbors. The walker is 
>    forced to return to a previously visited node.
>    - With a small probability, the next node may be chosen uniformly 
>    among all the neighboring nodes.
>    - If a cycle is detected, that is, if the walker is forced to return 
>    to an already visited node.
>    - When the destination node is reached, stop
> 1 go
> 2 get-list-of-neighbors
> 3 select one-of from list of neighbors
>     check is-visited:
>     if yes: [remove from the list 
>            check is-circle
>            if yes: Die
>            else go to setp 3]
>   4 else Move-to selected node
>   5 check is-target?
>     if yes: die 
>     else add to list-of-visited and  Go to step1 
> I'm new to NetLogo and doesn't know how to implement these steps. Please 
> help and guide me.

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