Authors, Contributors, WG,

As part of the WG Last Call, are you aware of any IPR that applies to draft 
identified above?  Please state either:
  * "No, I'm not aware of any IPR that applies to this draft"
  * "Yes, I'm aware of IPR that applies to this draft"

If “yes”, has this IPR been disclosed in compliance with IETF IPR rules (see 
RFCs 3979, 4879, 3669 and 5378 for more details)?   Please state either:
  * "Yes, the IPR has been disclosed in compliance with IETF IPR rules"
  * "No, the IPR has not been disclosed"

If you answer “no”, please provide any additional details you think appropriate.

If you are listed as a document author or contributor, please answer the above 
by responding to this email regardless of whether or not you are aware of any 
relevant IPR. This document will not advance to the next stage until a response 
has been received from each author and listed contributor. NOTE: THIS APPLIES 

If you are on the WG email list or attend WG meetings but are not listed as an 
author or contributor, we remind you of your obligations under the IETF IPR 
rules which encourages you to notify the IETF if you are aware of IPR of others 
on an IETF contribution, or to refrain from participating in any contribution 
or discussion related to your undisclosed IPR.  For more information, please 
see the RFCs listed above and

PS: Please include all listed in the headers of this message in your response.

Thank you,

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