Hi Stefan,
Hi Martin,

The alarm model looks like a good match with 
   By combining the two, you should be able to have a remote entity track alarm 
changes at the consumer desired frequency.  Does this make sense to you?

Hi Bill,

Would an 
 “replay” subscription aimed at a certain time period match to your need for 
history, or is that too heavyweight?


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The Broadband Forum (BBF) is definitely interested and has been working on some 
extensions to the original draft.

BBF’s main technical change is to add an “alarm-history” feature (see below for 
an indication of what it does) that sounds quite like one of Alex Campbell’s 
proposals. There are also a few other minor changes, and others may arise as a 
result of the “Straw Ballot” process mentioned below.

The problem is that BBF wants to publish its changes very soon. The changes 
will be in “Straw Ballot” (similar to WGLC) at our upcoming Q4 meeting (next 
week), which would see them published in Q1 2017. They would presumably be 
published as a BBF YANG module that happened to be very similar to the new 
Vallin draft module (it wouldn’t be possible to use augment to add the 
alarm-history feature, right?).

In an ideal world we would prefer to work with IETF to define a module that we 
could then use or augment directly, but the timescales just don’t permit that. 
One “less bad” option might be to try to feed the proposed final BBF version 
(which should be available around the end of this month) into a new IETF draft 
resulting from (a) Direct collaboration between BBF representatives and the 
draft authors, or (b) BBF-led discussion on the NETMOD list. Then BBF could use 
this new IETF draft (not ideal, but reduces the chances of future divergence).

William Lupton

—— indication of what the BBF alarm-history feature does (still based on 
expired vallin draft) ——

% grep -B1 -A0 'if-feature alarm-history' ietf-alarms.yang
      leaf max-alarm-history {
        if-feature alarm-history;
      leaf notify-status-changes {
        if-feature alarm-history;
      leaf cleared {
        if-feature alarm-history;
        leaf is-cleared {
          if-feature alarm-history;
        list status-change {
          if-feature alarm-history;
  rpc compress {
    if-feature alarm-history;
  rpc compress-alarms {
    if-feature alarm-history;
  rpc purge-alarms {
    if-feature alarm-history;

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We have posted a new version of the alarm module.  The previous
document was called draft-vallin-alarm-yang-module-00, this new
version is called draft-vallin-netmod-alarm-module (hence it is also a

This updated version incorporates comments on the previous docuement,
and adds support for alarm shelving.

It would be good to know if people in this WG are interested in this

/martin and stefan

A new version of I-D, draft-vallin-netmod-alarm-module-00.txt
has been successfully submitted by Martin Bjorklund and posted to the
IETF repository.

Name:             draft-vallin-netmod-alarm-module
Revision:         00
Title:               YANG Alarm Module
Document date:           2016-10-05
Group:             Individual Submission
Pages:              58
Htmlized:       https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-vallin-netmod-alarm-module-00

  This document defines a YANG module for alarm management.  It
  includes functions for alarm list management, alarm shelving and
  notifications to inform management systems.  There are also RPCs to
  manage the operator state of an alarm and administrative alarm
  procedures.  The module carefully maps to relevant alarm standards.

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