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> Maybe a stupid question from my side (I'm not involved  in the NMDA work)
> but is there some kind of consensus on what is proposed in this draft RFC or
> are we miles away from such a consensus?  Since this is linked to how a
> server has to handle state in the proposed merging of config and state under
> one branch of the tree coming to a conclusion to me seems a requirement
> since in the current implementation we just can't change a CT leaf in the
> running DS by a value that is dynamically learned; in the NMDA approach that
> would be possible as the operational DS contains both CT and CF leaves and
> consequently a value as configured by the client can be overwritten by a
> dynamically learned value as the value configured by the client remains
> untouched in the running DS.  In the current implementation we would need to
> model a CF leaf for this purpose.  At least that is how I have always
> understood how it should be done.  As long as we do not have NDMA-based
> server implementations we can't design and implement YANG models as proposed
> in NMDA and its associated guidelines.


you may want to look at draft-dsdt-nmda-guidelines-01. Protocol updates
to support NMDA are on the way as well, draft-dsdt-nmda-netconf-00 and


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