Martin, Michal,

Do we need any clarification in the draft?

Regards, B.
Michal Vaško <> wrote:

we have encountered some problem while implementing a feature from
draft-ietf-netmod-yang-tree-diagrams-05, specifically not resolving
groupings and printing uses names instead (Section 2.2).

We have 2 example models, A and B. A defines a container and a
grouping. B defines an augment that adds uses into the container from
A and resolves to the grouping from model A.

grouping A:g;
A:c {
   B:uses A:g;

Now, if printing model A with the augment not resolving uses we
currently print

+--rw c
    +---u B:A:g;
pyang prints this as well, but it is more "by accident".   It looks
quite odd.

It wouldn't be correct to write

     +---u B:g;

since 'g' isn't defined in B.

     +---u A:g;

is correct in the sense that "A:g" is the "name of the grouping", and
that is what the current document says should be printed.  Granted,
this doesn't show the whole picture, but maybe this is good enough.

It might be wise to not print a grouping like this in order to avoid


since the uses is foreign. We could not decide what the "correct"
output should be and it is likely left to various interpretations but
we were wondering what some of you think. Should it perhaps be only
"B:g" since the grouping becomes local? But what if the grouping would
be from a third model, are 2 prefixes okay? Thanks for your opinions.


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