> In order to compile the published YANG model with OpenDaylight Yangtools I 
> had to make the following change ( diff published file vs. changed file is 
> below ):
> 583c583
> <                 path "../../../../../../acl/name";
> ---
> >                 path "/access-lists/acl/name";
> 597c597
> <                   path "../../../../../../../acl/aces/ace/name";
> ---
> >                   path "/access-lists/acl/aces/ace/name";
> I am not sure (don't have enough YANG experience) to know if the error is 
> with Yangtools or with the published YANG model but I thought I'd send this 
> information to the list just in case.
> Thank you for your attention.

Both the old and the new path look valid to me. Even if you can always replace 
a relative path with an absolute from a YANG validity perspective, changing 
from relative to absolute paths often *changes the semantics*, so that is not 
generally safe. In this case, however, they do amount to the same thing (since 
they both end up going all the way up to the top level container).


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