This may be. bug in OpenDaylight that is being tickled.  Ranga is
chasing it a bit.

On 09.02.18 10:20, Jan Lindblad wrote:
> Eliot,
>> In order to compile the published YANG model with OpenDaylight Yangtools I 
>> had to make the following change ( diff published file vs. changed file is 
>> below ):
>> 583c583
>> <                 path "../../../../../../acl/name";
>> ---
>>>                 path "/access-lists/acl/name";
>> 597c597
>> <                   path "../../../../../../../acl/aces/ace/name";
>> ---
>>>                   path "/access-lists/acl/aces/ace/name";
>> I am not sure (don't have enough YANG experience) to know if the error is 
>> with Yangtools or with the published YANG model but I thought I'd send this 
>> information to the list just in case.
>> Thank you for your attention.
> Both the old and the new path look valid to me. Even if you can always 
> replace a relative path with an absolute from a YANG validity perspective, 
> changing from relative to absolute paths often *changes the semantics*, so 
> that is not generally safe. In this case, however, they do amount to the same 
> thing (since they both end up going all the way up to the top level 
> container).
> /jan

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