On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 12:14:11PM +0100, Balazs Lengyel wrote:
> BALAZS:  Sorry but where is the guessing?

If there is no config false instance, how do I decide?

> The YANG model explicitly states whether data is config=false or true.
> For config=true data it is always the running datastore
> For config=false data it only depends on the NMDA support. E.g. the yanglib
> model will be used on new and old servers too.
> Also it is an explicit aim of the draft that we should allow mixing of
> config=true and config=false data in the same instance data set.
> Would you prefer that I add as metadata "ida:config-datastore=XXX" ? Here
> XXX could be running or some dynamic (e.g. SDN) with default being running.
> Or do you see any use case for documenting/loading candidate, startup,
> intended or operational data for config=true ? If so please describe.
> Config=false data it will always go into operational or "other" in case of a
> preNMDA server; so I don't see a need for any extra selector here.

I see a use case of having examples in documents (which likely are not
even complete) and I think tools prefer to know upfront which
datastore the example belongs to without first doing complex


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