Hi Balazs,

I'm unclear about the scope of the problem.  Is it limited to server 
capabilities?    It seems that the idea is to move from having a stateful 
connection to a live server to having a way to pass the equivalent state even 
when not connected to the server.

Related, but probably not what you're angling for, I've been having issues with 
validating RESTCONF examples.  The issue is that the RESTCONF documents are 
context specific.  For instance, GET /widgets/ returns a document that might 
have an outermost element called "widgets", whereas GET /widgets/widget=foo 
returns a document that might have an outermost element called "widget".   In 
order to validate the second document, my code first wraps the "widget" element 
with a "widgets" element, and then the validation tools work.

Perhaps a more generalized instance data mechanism could include where in the 
tree the data is situated?   For example, it would be helpful if an action's 
instance data could provide more context (e.g., the input/output documents 
could indicate the name of the action, the object that the action was invoked 
on, etc.).

Generally, there is some state being held by the protocols that complicates 
examining instance data outside of the protocol, as extra bits of state need to 
be passed around separately.  It would be nice if the documents were (or at 
least could be) more self-contained.

Kent // contributor

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With Benoit I prepared a draft about how to document and use YANG defined 
instance data. It could be useful for documenting  server capabilities or 
preloading data defined in implementation time and probably for other purposes 
as well.

regards Balazs

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A new version of I-D, draft-lengyel-netmod-yang-instance-data-00.txt

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Name:          draft-lengyel-netmod-yang-instance-data

Revision:      00

Title:         YANG Instance Data Files and their use for Documenting Server 

Document date: 2018-02-06

Group:         Individual Submission

Pages:         10






   This document specifies a standard file format for YANG instance

   data, that is data that could be stored in a datastore and whose

   syntax and semantics is defined by YANG models.  Instance data files

   can be used to provide information that is defined in design time.

   There is a need to document Server capabilities (which are often

   specified in design time), which should be done using instance data


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