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Section 5.3.2 states that you allowed to have configuration in <running>/<intended> for resources that could be present on the device but are not currently present.  The canonical example would be interface configuration for an interface on a linecard that isn't operational (either because it isn't present, or hasn't completely initialized).

Section 5.3.3 is saying that if the linecard becomes operational, then it may instantiate system controlled entries (in <operational>) for those interfaces.  It also states that if there also happens to be configuration in <running>/<intended> for those interfaces then that configuration will also get applied as those interfaces as instantiated in <operational>.  All of the configuration that has been successfully applied would also appear in <operational>.


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RFC 8342 has below statement in Section 5.3.3

“If a system-controlled resource has

   matching configuration in <intended> when it appears, the system will

   try to apply the configuration; this causes the configuration to

   appear in <operational> eventually (if application of the

   configuration was successful).


Why does application of configuration for system-controlled resources depend on whether <intended> has configurations for that resource ? The configuration will still get applied as part of “system” configuration as shown in examples in Section C.1 in the same RFC given below

“In addition to filling in the default value for the auto-negotiation

   enabled leaf, a loopback interface entry is also automatically

instantiated by the system.  All of this is reflected in


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