Sorry for not responding earlier, I was buried with work ☺
I’ll try to explain in more details what I was trying to accomplish…

After using Netsniff-NG to record high throughput traffic impressively, I was 
trying it as capture Replayer.

I was trying to replay, in my performance tuned local lab, high throughput 
traffic, recorded on remote site, using some expensive equipment.

I received the recording split to multiple pieces, with following details: 
File type:           Wireshark/tcpdump/... - pcap
File encapsulation:  Ethernet
Packet size limit:   file hdr: 9000 bytes
Number of packets:   6382 k
File size:           4294 MB
Data size:           4192 MB
Capture duration:    5 seconds
Data byte rate:      824 MBps
Data bit rate:       6592 Mbps
Average packet size: 656.97 bytes
Average packet rate: 1254 kpackets/sec
Strict time order:   True

And I also left MergeCap to run through the night, to have also as single 
capture, with following details:
File type:           Wireshark/tcpdump/... - pcap
File encapsulation:  Ethernet
Packet size limit:   file hdr: 9000 bytes
Number of packets:   1348 M
File size:           905 GB
Data size:           883 GB
Capture duration:    1096 seconds
Data byte rate:      806 MBps
Data bit rate:       6451 Mbps
Average packet size: 655.45 bytes
Average packet rate: 1230 kpackets/sec
Strict time order:   False

1)      Notice I lost the “Strict time order” in merged file – don’t understand 
why :\

VM I set up for replay is 64bit RHEL 7.2 with 16 x vCores, 64GB RAM, VMXNET3 
adapter & 1TB on 10K SAS FC NetApp Storage,
Hosted on Dell FC630, with Intel Xeon CPU E5-2670 v3 @ 2.3GHz & Intel X710 10g 

So, the first (optimistic ☺) thing I tried to do is replay the merged file 
using Netsniff-NG…
netsniff-ng -i <CAP>.pcap -m -o <NIC> -s -J

But I quickly learned that Netsniff-NG loads the entire capture to RAM before 
starting to replay ☺

2)      Is it possible to tell Netsniff-NG not to do that ? so I can replay a 
capture much larger than available RAM (as eventually done with tcpreplay on 
~850GB merged)

3)      In addition, if Netsniff-NG would have the ability to receive a list of 
captures to replay consecutively without drops in between,
I would be able to replay my ~4GB multiple pieces, without having to merge 
them, nor be unable to play merged because of insufficient RAM.
I thought of rather simple design in which two files are loaded to memory 
concurrently throughout replay…
Starting with 1&2 --> as soon as 1 ends replay, 3 is loaded to memory --> as 
soon as 2 ends replay, 4 is loaded to memory… and so on.

So, replaying list of multiple files is one thing, but I also had issues with 
replay speed.

As you said Vadim, it seems Netsniff-NG replays any given capture, as fast as 

4)      So I noticed two related things when replayed single ~4GB piece…

a.       Netsniff-NG turned single-threaded all of a sudden & was utilizing 
100% of only a single core

b.      Probably therefore, as fast as possible was not fast enough, as 
recorded 5 seconds in ~6.5Gbps, took 30 seconds to replay in ~1.2Gbps

BTW, tcpreplay also started its’ replay at ~1.2Gbps (using --topspeed flag – 
see command used below), which gradually dropped to only ~250Mbps after 4+ 
hours of replay.
tcpreplay -i <NIC> --pktlen -t <CAP>.pcap

5)      In other cases, where recording bitrates are more sane ☺ I believe it 
would be rather powerful for Netsniff-NG to have tcpreplay speed related 

   -x, --multiplier=str       Modify replay speed to a given multiple

   -p, --pps=num              Replay packets at a given packets/sec

   -M, --mbps=str             Replay packets at a given Mbps

   -t, --topspeed             Replay packets as fast as possible

While the default no parameters is rather original timestamps & bitrate.

Would greatly appreciate your comments regarding any of the points ☺



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Hi Tobias & Daniel,

What do you think is it worth to have it in trafgen with considering original 
timestamps by default ?


On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 6:28 PM, Vadim Kochan 
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>>> Cool... good to see we're on the same page... thanks for the prompt

>>> response :)


>>> Asaf.


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>>> :)


>>> On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 03:37:48PM +0000, Shaked, Asaf wrote:

>>> Hi Asaf,


>>>> Hi,


>>>> Just love this toolkit :)


>>>> Few questions, if you may...


>>>> 1)      Is it possible to merge pcaps using the toolkit ?

>>> As fas as I know - no, but I think it would be good to have such feature 
>>> via such example:


>>>     netsniff-ng -i {in_dir} -o {merged_file}.pcap



>>>> 2)      Is it possible to replay a list of pcaps consecutively ?


>>> As I know, it is posible only to redirect packets from one device to 
>>> another, but I really thing that it might be added to trafgen.


>>>> 3)      Is it possible to control pcaps replay bitrate ? (aiming for 
>>>> original capture average Bitrate, rather than "as fast as possible")


>>> So if option #2 will be implemented then I think it wold be easy have it in 
>>> trafgen as there ia already rate limit option.


>>>> Thanks,


>>>> Asaf.



>>> Regards,

>>> Vadim Kochan



>> Hi Asaf,


>> I tried to extend trafgen with ability to send packets from pcap

>> file, and you can try it if you able to fetch & build trafgen from:


>>     https://github.com/vkochan/netsniff-ng/tree/trafgen_pcap_send


>> By default original timestamps are considered when sending traffic

>> from pcap, but you can reset sending rate via -b/-t options:


>>     sudo trafgen/trafgen -i /tmp/test.pcap -o lo

>>     sudo trafgen/trafgen -i /tmp/test.pcap -o lo -b 1pps


>> After this change will be applied I think I can try to add option to

>> netsniff-ng tool to merging pcap files.


>> Regards,

>> Vadim Kochan


> Hm,


> I just realized that netsniff-ng already has pcap -> device sending

> ability, but at max rate.

> But I am stil think that it is good to have it in trafgen. Lets see if

> Tobias/Daniel will agree or not on it ...

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