It has again been quite some time since the last release and I'd like to
prepare for the release of netsniff-ng 0.6.3.

Thus, the tree [1] is now closed for new features as of today. This
means only bug fixes and small, non-intrusive fixes/cleanups will now be
considered for inclusion in v0.6.3. The final release is planned in two
weeks time. Afterwards the tree is open again for new features and more
experimental changes.


Everybody who's interested in the netsniff-ng toolkit is kindly invited
to give the current git HEAD some good testing, report issues [2] or
send patches [3].


Please see the shortlog below for an overview of the fixes and features
that were added since v0.6.2.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the upcoming release so far:
Vadim Kochan, Mandar Gokhale, Ken Wu, Jaroslav Škarvada, @jamieparfet.


Ken Wu (1):
      trafgen: l3: Support interface without IP address

Mandar Gokhale (4):
      mausezahn: Typofix & grammar change
      man: mausezahn: Add -6 option to manpage
      mausezahn: Use all-nodes link local address for IPv6
      mausezahn: Add error handling for mismatched address families

Tobias Klauser (23):
      AUTHORS: Add Mandar Gokhale
      build: configure: clearify missing defs warning
      build: configure: rewrap missing defs warning
      AUTHORS: Add Ken Wu
      all: Remove unused longindex parameter to getopt_long()
      netsniff-ng: proto_ipv4: Move sockaddr_in declarations to narrower scope
      Revert "mausezahn: Add error handling for mismatched address families"
      bpfc: make verbose parameter boolean
      sock: change type of verbose parameter to set_sock_qdisc_bypass()
      zsh: trafgen: Add missing option -q/--qdisc-path to zsh completion
      trafgen: proto: Zero out newly allocated struct packet
      trafgen: proto: Add missing brace
      bpfc: Remove unnecessary prototype for compile_filter()
      bpf: Fix confusing panic() message
      trafgen: proto: Zero out the correct packet slot
      str: Avoid trailing space in string returng by argv2str()
      gittattributes: Exclude dotfiles from created archives
      trafgen: parser: Add terminating ';' to mpls_expr and icmpv6_proto rules
      list: Remove cds_list_* wrappers
      make: Fix spelling yaac -> yacc
      build: Don't show echo commands in verbose mode
      dev: Fix buffer overflow in device_addr2str()
      netsniff-ng: nlmsg: Drop dissection of GENL_ID_GENERATE type

Vadim Kochan (20):
      trafgen: parser: Fix undefined ETH_P_802AD on 2.6.x Linux
      flowtop: Move & refactor walk_processes() to proc.c
      trafgen: parser: Rename field_expr -> field_value_expr rule
      trafgen: proto: Change __proto_field_set_bytes(...) to take struct 
      trafgen: proto: Rename proto_field_xxx -> proto_hdr_field_xxx
      trafgen: proto: Add proto field only setters/getters
      trafgen: parser: Parse IPv6 address by strict match pattern
      trafgen: parser: Allow to set function at field offset
      man: trafgen: Add short description about field offset usage
      flowtop: Minimize delay via halfdelay(1) function
      flowtop: Replace single linked list by list_head from list.h
      flowtop: Add tab control to switch between tables
      flowtop: Add process UI tab entry
      trafgen: l3: Fix checksum for UDP/TCP protos
      geoip: Fix memory leak when using GeoIPRecord
      trafgen: l3: Make possible to send frames via tun device
      pcap_io: Add function to get packet timestamp
      trafgen: Allow send packets from pcap file
      trafgen: man: Add description with pcap file for -i, --in option
      trafgen: parser: Rename bytes -> mac

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