The last release was in April and there have been quite a few changes
since which are worth another release.

Thus, the tree [1] is now closed for new features as of today. This
means only bug fixes and small, non-intrusive fixes/cleanups will now be
considered for inclusion in v0.6.4. The final release is planned in two
weeks time. Afterwards the tree is open again for new features and more
experimental changes.


Everybody who's interested in the netsniff-ng toolkit is kindly invited
to give the current git HEAD some good testing, report issues [2] or
send patches [3].


Please see the shortlog below for an overview of the fixes and features
that were added since v0.6.3.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the upcoming release so far:
Baruch Siach, Jaroslav Škarvada, Jia Zhouyang, Paolo Abeni, and Vadim Kochan.

Baruch Siach (2):
      flowtop: take PKG_CONFIG into account for libnetfilter_conntrack
      proc.h: add missing headers

Jaroslav Škarvada (1):
      staging: compilation fix with new gcc

Jia Zhouyang (1):
      mausezahn: fix segmentation fault

Paolo Abeni (1):
      trafgen: fix packet socket initialization with multiple CPUs

Tobias Klauser (20):
      netsniff-ng: remove unnecessary zeroing of packet counters in init_ctx()
      make: use sed instead of perl to extract lex/yacc prefix
      proc: include headers to get definitions for ino_t and pid_t
      geoip: adjust geoip{4,6}_{city,region}_name prototypes for !HAVE_GEOIP
      all: use <net/*> headers instead of <linux/*> where possible
      built_in: don't redefine memcpy/memset
      bpfc: disable NLS in the parser
      trafgen: disable NLS in the parser
      AUTHORS: add Baruch Siach
      trafgen: gracefully handle ENOBUFS on tx ring teardown
      netsniff-ng: fix --bind-cpu option in example command line
      AUTHOR: add Zhouyang Jia
      dev: only calculate wireless bitrate if necessary
      ifpps: use uint32_t instead of u32
      link: use uint32_t instead of u32
      ifpps: fix unintendet assignment
      build: check for fopencookie() in configure
      trafgen: fix resource leaks
      trafgen: fix NULL pointer dereference in -i option parsing
      astraceroute: use switch instead of lookup table for short proto id

Vadim Kochan (13):
      trafgen: parser: Use proto_field_set_xxx where it is possible
      flowtop: Improve and unify up/down scrolling
      trafgen: proto: Allow to set field with variable length
      str: Add function for converting string into DNS name
      trafgen: l7: Add DNS header generation API
      trafgen: parser: Add syntax to generate DNS header
      flowtop: Move out stats fields from flow & proc entry
      trafgen: Allow to generate packets to output pcap file
      trafgen: Fix output pcap file name length trimming
      trafgen: Delegate creation of rfraw to dev_io API
      trafgen: Get packet from proto_hdr if possible
      trafgen: dev_io: Change read/write to specify struct packet *
      trafgen: Dump proto headers in *.cfg format

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