It is our pleasure to announce the release of netsniff-ng 0.6.5!

There hasn't been a tree freeze this time. There weren't any critical
changes and the overall number of changes is small. I'll keep the
release procedure that way as long as the inflow of new changes an
issues remains that low, i.e. there will be a new release every once in
a while once enough changes have accumulated.

The summary of changes and the short log of all changes since v0.6.4 can
be found below and also on github at

Thanks to all contributors for this release:

  Daniel Roberson, Markus Amend, Matteo Croce, Nick Grauel, Petr Machata,
  Radoslav Bodo, Ondřej Gajdušek

Happy packet sniffing!


netsniff-ng 0.6.5 (Spiral Staircase) has been released to the public.

It can be fetched via Git:

   git clone git://
   git checkout v0.6.5

Or via HTTP from one of our mirrors:

The release can be verified via Git (see README):

   git tag -v v0.6.5

Contributions since last release:

     16  Tobias Klauser
      2  Daniel Roberson
      1  Radoslav Bodo
      1  Petr Machata
      1  Nick Grauel
      1  Matteo Croce
      1  Markus Amend

Git changelog since last release:

Tobias Klauser (16):
      bpf: don't use builtin memset/memcpy in bpf_parse_rules
      ring: use xzmalloc_aligned
      geoip: store GeoIP files in $(PREFIX)/share by default
      trafgen: don't close dev_out and dev_in in parent process
      trafgen: fix signedness warning in cleanup_packets
      all: drop fmem{cpy,set}
      make: consider $DESTDIR when creating $DATDIR
      trafgen: support dumping IPv6 protocol header command
      AUTHORS: add Daniel Roberson
      man: netsniff-ng: document time formats for -o/--out
      AUTHORS: add Petr Machata
      man: reformat all man pages
      AUTHORS: add Nick Grauel
      AUTHORS: add Radoslav Bodo
      AUTHORS: add Matteo Croce
      netsniff-ng v0.6.5

Daniel Roberson (2):
      mausezahn: fix strtok() segfault if s or m are missing
      netsniff-ng: add date format strings to --out

Markus Amend (1):
      netsniff-ng: add DCCP support

Matteo Croce (1):
      mausezahn: improve random mac address generation

Nick Grauel (1):
      mausezahn: Restore handling of raw hex string passed in on command line

Petr Machata (1):
      mausezahn: Fix IPv6 address comparison

Radoslav Bodo (1):
      trafgen: support ICMPv6 checksums

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