It is our pleasure to announce the release of netsniff-ng 0.6.6!

The summary of changes and the short log of all changes since v0.6.6 can
be found below and also on github at

Thanks to all contributors for this release:

  Mandar Gokhale, Whang Choi, uno20001, Quentin Chateau, Kartik Mistry,
  Jaroslav Škarvada, Daniel Roggow

Happy packet sniffing!


netsniff-ng 0.6.6 (Syro) has been released to the public.

It can be fetched via Git:

   git clone git://
   git checkout v0.6.6

Or via HTTP from one of our mirrors:

The release can be verified via Git (see README):

   git tag -v v0.6.6

Major high-level changes since the last release (v0.6.5) are:

   *** BLURB HERE (specific bits) ***

Contributions since last release:

     14  Tobias Klauser
      2  Mandar Gokhale
      1  Whang Choi
      1  uno20001
      1  Quentin Chateau
      1  Kartik Mistry
      1  Jaroslav Škarvada
      1  Daniel Roggow

Git changelog since last release:

Tobias Klauser (14):
      build: use system libsodium by default
      AUTHORS: add Whang Choi
      zsh: netsniff-ng: add completion for --overwrite
      netsniff-ng: store default prefix in ctx
      docs: add netsniff-ng website source for GitHub pages rendering
      docs: remove again, moved to the
      contrib: move auxiliary scripts to own directory
      AUTHORS: single list of contributors
      AUTHORS: auto-generate from commit log
      oui.conf: update from upstream
      AUTHORS: update authors
      AUTHORS: update
      AUTHORS: regenerate and correct Jon's name
      netsniff-ng v0.6.6

Mandar Gokhale (2):
      mz: Add error handling for mismatched address families
      astraceroute: Fix for reading mirrors from file

Daniel Roggow (1):
      Build system: Use GZIP_ENV instead of GZIP

Jaroslav Škarvada (1):
      trafgen: fixed '--in -' to work again with STDIN

Kartik Mistry (1):
      Fix manpage warnings

Quentin Chateau (1):
      trafgen: fix -t 0 option to use sendto

Whang Choi (1):
      netsniff-ng: implement rotating capture files

uno20001 (1):
      astraceroute: checksum calculation for ICMP and TCP

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