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> >> Hi all, I've got a strange problem on one of my sites. On
> >> http://www.mmpa.org.uk/ all of the gif images are missing, including
> >> the yellow navigation buttons at the top. If you go to other pages the
> >> "home" and "News" buttons are present.
> > [Snip]
> > Whenever images don't show, I always suspect the Content option 'hide
> > advertisements' and you do have all those GIFs in a sub directory called
> > 'images'. Try the option off if it's on and if that works, use a more
> > cryptic directory name than 'images'.
> Thanks for all the replies.
> I've tried unticking "Hide advertisements" but it makes no difference.
> Yes, the gifs are in directory called "images".
> I suspect it's a cacheing problem. I'll see if it clears after 24 hours.

you have bugs open about NetSurf having a "caching" issue or failure
to display images etc. none of which have logs attached and are
explicitly awaiting feedback. It would be helpful if you could respond
to these so we can get enough information to attempt to fix them.

On RISC OS I have determined that disc caching is generally a waste of
time as the filesystems performance is dreadful. The default *disc*
cache size on RISC OS is 0 (i.e. off) and is probably the correct
value for such low performance systems.

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