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 The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project       >>>> posted since 1994 <<<< _  | | |
 '_ \ / _ \  | | / /| '_ \| '__| -_    | |  | |__   ___   | |  ) | |__
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        You begin to sense the byshadows that stretch from the awe of
        global dominance. How the intersecting systems help pull us
        apart, leaving us vague, drained, docile, soft in our inner
        discourse, willing to be shaped, to be overwhelmed -- easy
        retreats, half beliefs. Works of art are complex formal
        interventions within discursive traditions and their myriad
        filiations. These interventions are defined precisely by
        their incomparable capacity to trace the dynamics of
        historical process in paradoxical gestures of simultaneously
        prognostic and mnemonic temporalities.

 _ |  __ \         (_)          | | _| |__) | __ ___  _  ___  ___| |_
 |_  ___/ '__/ _ \| |/ _ \/ __| __| |_| _  |_|  \___/| |\___|\___|\__|
 _          _/ | _        |__/

 > > > > Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994.

 A `round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery from
 { brad brace }. The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known,
 the recognizable; it suspends identity, relations and history. This
 discourse, far from determining the locus in which it speaks, is
 avoiding the ground on which it could find support. It is trying to
 operate a decentering that leaves no privilege to any center.

                        The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project
                                 since 1994

 Pointless Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours... a
 spectral, trajective alignment for the 00`s! A continuum of
 minimalist masks in the face of catastrophe; conjuring up
 transformative metaphors for the everyday... A poetic reversibility
 of exclusive events...

 A post-rhetorical, continuous, apparently random sequence of
 imagery...  genuine gritty, greyscale...  corruptable, compact,
 collectable and compelling convergence. The voluptuousness of the
 grey imminence: the art of making the other disappear. Continual
 visual impact; an optical drumming, sculpted in duration, on the
 endless present of the Net.

 An extension of the printed ISBN-Book (0-9690745) series...
 critically unassimilable... imagery is gradually acquired, selected
 and re-sequenced over time...  ineluctable, vertiginous connections.
 The 12hr dialtone...

 [ see http://www.eskimo.com/~bbrace/netcom/books.txt ]

 KEYWORDS: >> Disconnected, disjunctive, distended, de-centered,
 de-composed, ambiguous, augmented, ambilavent, homogeneous,
 reckless and venerable... >> Multi-faceted miscegnation: oblique,
 obsessive, obscure, obdurate... >> Promulgated, personal, permeable,
 prolonged, polymorphous, provocative, poetic, plural, perverse,
 potent, prophetic, pathological, pointless... >> Emergent, evolving,
 eccentric, eclectic, egregious, exciting, entertaining, evasive,
 entropic, erotic, entrancing, enduring, expansive, empty...

 Every 12 hours, another!...  view them, re-post `em, save `em, trade
 `em, print `em, even publish them...

 Here`s how:

 ~ Set www-links to ->  http://www.eskimo.com/~bbrace/12hr.html
                    ->  http://bbrace.laughingsquid.net/12hr.html
                    ->  http://bbrace.net/12hr.html
                    ->  http://noemata.net/12hr/

 Look for the 12-hr-icon. Heavy traffic may require you to specify
 files more than once! Anarchie, Fetch, CuteFTP, TurboGopher...

 Download from ->  ftp.rdrop.com   /pub/users/bbrace
 Download from ->  ftp.eskimo.com  /u/b/bbrace
 Download from ->  hotline://artlyin.ftr.va.com.au
 Download from ->  ftp://bjornmag:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/12hr/

 * Remember to set tenex or binary. Get 12hr.jpeg

 E-mail ->  If you only have access to email, then you can use
 FTPmail to do essentially the same thing. Send a message with a body
 of 'help' to the server address nearest you:



 ~ Mirror-sites requested! Archives too! The latest new jpeg will
   always be named, 12hr.jpeg Average size of images is only 45K.
 ~ Perl program to mirror ftp-sites/sub-directories:

 ~ Postings to usenet newsgroups: alt.12hr alt.binaries.pictures.12hr
   alt.binaries.pictures.misc alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.misc

 * * Ask your system's news-administrator to carry these groups!
 (There are also usenet image browsers: TIFNY, PluckIt, Picture Agent,
 PictureView, Extractor97, NewsRover, Binary News Assistant, EasyNews)

 ~      ~ This interminable, relentless sequence of posted imagery began
         in earnest on December 30, 1994. The basic structure of the
         project has been over three decades in the making. Each 12-hour
         posting is like the turning of a page; providing ample time for
         reflection, interruption, and assimilation.

 ~ The sites listed above also contain information on other cultural
 projects and sources.

 ~ A very low-volume, moderated mailing list for announcements and
 occasional commentary related to this project has been established at
 topica.com /subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg


         The image was to make nothing visible but their connection with
         one another by space and air, yet each surrounded by the unique
         aura that disengages every deeply seen image from the world of
         irrelevant relationships and calls forth a tremor of astonishment
         at its fateful necessity. Thus from artworks of dead masters,
         over-life-size strangeness whose names we do not know and do not
         wish to know, look out at us enigmatically as symbols of all

 This project has not received government art-subsidies. Some
 opportunities still exist for financially assisting the publication
 of editions of large (33x46") prints; perhaps (Iris giclees) inkjet
 duotones or extended-black quadtones. Other supporters receive rare
 copies of the first three web-offset printed ISBN-Books.
 Contributions and requests for 12hr-email-subscriptions, can also be
 made at http://bbrace.laughingsquid.net/buy-into.html, or by mailed
 cheque/check: $5/mo $50/yr. Institutions must pay for any images
 retained longer than 12 hours.

 ISBN is International Standard Book Number. JPEG and GIF are types of
 image files. Get the text-file, 'pictures-faq' to learn how to view
 or translate these images. [http://www.eskimo.com/~bbrace/netcom/

 (c) Credit appreciated. Copyleft

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