> Armin Medosch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Open Source Culture needs to be constantly aware of capitalisms
>>> propensity to adapt, adopt, co-opt and subjugate progressive movements
>>> and ideas to its own goals.
> Open Source is largely funded by '1st world' governments and (large)
> corporations.
> This is perfectly normal.
> Open Source does not stand in opposition to western Capitalism, but
> rather is an integral weapon of western Capitalism against what
> remains of small scale meaningful relationships.
> Kindly lay off the mumbo jumbo worthless key words like 'progressive
> movements'. There's nothing progressive about open source and for that
> matter there is nothing progressive about progressive.

<long silence/>

OK, now that you have successfully hit everybody and everything on the block,
what now ?

> As mentioned above, Open Source is another front used by western
> Capitalism to infiltrate + subjugate the '3rd world' + whatever human
> remains are still found in the '1st'

There are so many 'theories' written about 'Open Source' that one more
doesn't really matter, does it ?

> Open source is simply another keyword, another front, in the long line
> of superficial western concepts whose principle results have been the
> new + improved degradation of human existence.

Yes, I agree, 'Open source' has become a buzzword. But in how much that
affects *us* (the actors) depends mostly on ourselves. Hasn't that always
been like that throughout history ?



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