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2nd Annual Access to Knowledge Conference (A2K2)
Yale Information Society Project
April 27-29, 2007
Yale Law School
REGISTRATION is still OPEN at https://wems.worldtek.com/yaleA2K2
A2K2 Open Wiki: http://research.yale.edu/isp/a2k/wiki/index.php/ 

The last several years have witnessed the coalescing of the Access to  
Knowledge (A2K) social movement that champions human rights, human  
development, and the public interest as the focal points of  
innovation and information policy.

The Yale Information Society Project's (ISP) first A2K conference
advanced our commitment to building a broad conceptual framework
of Access to Knowledge that can foster powerful coalitions between
diverse groups. The A2k conference brought together leading scholars
and activists from all over the world to participate in the
construction of an intellectual framework for access to knowledge.
Full conference proceedings and foundational resources for Access to
Knowledge are available at the Yale A2K conference wiki.

This year, on April 27th-29th 2007, the weekend of World Intellectual
Property Day, the A2K2 conference promises be a pivotal event
mobilizing the A2K coalition. Taking place between sessions of
the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in which the
Development Agenda is being formalized, this gathering is an
oportunity to help define the emerging vision of innovation and
information policy. A2K2 will further build the coalition amongst
institutions and stakeholders that crystallized at the first landmark
conference, help set the agenda for A2K policy and advocacy, and
deepen the understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of access
to knowledge issues. The A2K2 conference program is focused around
mobilizing different spheres of society: Industry, Civil Society,
Governments, and Technologists. The policy panels focus on a diverse
set of A2K issues and are oriented towards tangible legal and
technological solutions and collaborative strategies for policy makers
and individual institutions.

Plenary panels:

- Welcoming Address & Keynotes
     * Harold Koh - Dean and Gerard C. and Bernice Latrobe Smith  
Professor of International Law, Yale Law School
     * Jack Balkin - Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the  
First Amendment, Yale Law School
     * Yochai Benkler - Joseph M. Field '55 Professor of Law, Yale  
Law School

- The Social Movement of A2K
     * Margaret Chon - Professor of Law & Director, Center for the  
Study of Justice in Society (CSJS), Seattle University
     * Ahmed Abdel Latif - Second Secretary, Department of  
International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt
     * Ronaldo Lemos - Director of the Center for Technology &  
Society (CTS), Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School in Rio de  
     * James Love - Director, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI)
     * Sisule Musungu - World Trade Institute, University of Berne
     * Jerome Reichman - Bunyan S. Womble Professor of Law, Duke  
University Law School
     Moderator: Amy Kapczynski - Post-Doctoral Fellow in Law and  
Public Health, Samuelson Fellow in the Information Society Project,  
Yale Law School and Yale School of Public Health

- Mobilizing Industry
     * Brad Biddle - Senior Attorney, Intel Corporation
     * Andrew McLaughlin - Head, Global Public Policy and Government  
Affairs, Google Inc.
     * Nagla Rizk - Associate Professor and Chair, Economics  
Department, American University in Cairo
     * Pam Samuelson - Professor, School of Information and Boalt  
Hall School of Law and Co-Director, Berkeley Center for Law and  
Technology, University of California, Berkeley
     * Jule Sigall - Senior Attorney, Legal & Corporate Affairs,  
Microsoft Corp.
     * Brent Woodworth - Worldwide Segment Manager, Crisis Response  
Team, IBM Corp.
     Moderator: Colin Maclay - Managing Director, Berkman Center for  
Internet & Society

- Mobilizing Governments
     * Getachew Mengitsie Alemu - Director General, Ethiopian  
Intellectual Property Office
     * Irina Bogdanovskaia - Faculty of Law, State University Higher  
School of Economics, Moscow; Member, Russian Committee of the UNESCO  
Program Information For All
     * Carlos Correa - Director, Masters Program on Science and  
Technology Policy and Management, University of Buenos Aires
     * David Gross - Ambassador, U.S. Coordinator for International  
Communications and Information Policy
     * Luis Villaroel Villalon - Copyright Legal Advisor, Ministry of  
Education, Chile
     Moderator: Shamnad Basheer - Frank H Marks Visiting Associate  
Professor in Law, George Washington University Law School

- Mobilizing Technologists
     * Getachew Mengitsie Alemu - Director General, Ethiopian  
Intellectual Property Office
     * Irina Bogdanovskaia - Faculty of Law, State University Higher  
School of Economics, Moscow; Member, Russian Committee of the UNESCO  
Program Information For All
     * Carlos Correa - Director, Masters Program on Science and  
Technology Policy and Management, University of Buenos Aires
     * David Gross - Ambassador, U.S. Coordinator for International  
Communications and Information Policy
     * Luis Villaroel Villalon - Copyright Legal Advisor, Ministry of  
Education, Chile
     Moderator: Colin Maclay - , Global Economic Governance  
Programme, University of Oxford

- Mobilizing Civil Society
     * Gwen Hinze - International Affairs Director, Electronic  
Frontier Foundation (EFF)
     * Nnenna Nwakanma - Cabinet Member & Regional Coordinator,  
African Civil Society for the Information Society (ACSIS)
     * Josh Silver - Executive Director, Free Press
     * Sherwin Siy - Staff Attorney and Director, Global Knowledge  
Initiative, Public Knowledge
     * Madhavi Sunder - Professor of Law, University of California,  
     Moderator: Becky Lentz - Program Officer, Ford Foundation

Policy panels:

-- Partnerships for Access to Information
     * Serge Bounda - Chief Librarian , Sergio Vieira de Mello  
Library, United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya
     * Hala Essalmawi - IPR Officer, The Library of Alexandria  
(Bibliotheca Alexandrina), Egypt
     * Jason Phillips - Associate Director for International Library  
Relations, JSTOR (Journal Storage)
     * Crispin Taylor - Executive Director, ASPB (American Society of  
Plant Biologists)
     Moderator: Ann Okerson - Associate University Librarian, Yale  

-- Internationalized Domain Names
     * Wei Mao - Computer Network Information System, Chinese Academy  
of Sciences
     * Ram Mohan - CTO & VP Business Operations, Afilias Limited
     * Milton Mueller - - Professor, School of Information Studies,  
Syracuse University
     * Hong Xue - Microsoft Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale  
Law School
     * Peter Yu - Associate Professor of Law and founding director of  
the Intellectual Property & Communications Law Program, Michigan  
State University College of Law
     Moderator: Robert Guerra - Managing Director, Privaterra

-- Patent Quality
     * Tahir Amin - Co-founder, Initiative for Medicines, Access &  
Knowledge (I-MAK)
     * Daniel Ravicher - Founder and Executive Director, Public  
Patent Foundation
     * Frederick Abbott - Edward Ball Eminent Scholar, Florida State  
University College of Law
     * Arti Rai - Professor of Law, Duke University
     Moderator: Joshua Sarnoff - Assistant Director, Glushko- 
Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic and Practitioner-in- 
Residence, Washington College of Law, American University

-- Open Access Literature
     * Achal Prabhala - Consultant, Lawyers Collective, India
     * Binyavanga Wainaina - Writer-in-Residence, Union College, New  
     * Gary Dauphin - Blackplanet.com, Africana.com, AOL Black Voices
     * Rob Spillman - Editor, Tin House magazine and Executive  
Editor, Tin House Books
     * Michael Vazquez - Advisory Editor, Transition magazine
     Moderator: Manon Ress - Director, Information Society Projects,  
Knowledge Ecology International (KEI)

-- Search Engines
     * Judith Dueck - Vice-Chair, Human Rights Information and  
Documentation Systems International (HURIDOCS)
     * Niva Elkin-Koren - Vice-Dean, Faculty of Law, Haifa  
University, Israel
     * Michael Geist - Canada Research Chair in Internet and E- 
commerce Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Canada.
     * Robin Gross - Executive Director, IP Justice
     * Richard Owens - Director, Copyright E-Commerce Technology and  
Management Division - WIPO
     Moderator: Sudhir Krishnaswamy - Head, Centre for Intellectual  
Property Rights Research and Advocacy (CIPRA), National Law School,  
India University, Bangalore

-- Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources
     * Anetta Bok - Gender Representative for the Indigenous Peoples  
of Africa Coordinating Committee-IPACC
     * Graham Dutfield - Herchel Smith Senior Research Fellow in  
Intellectual Property Law Queen Mary, University of London
     * Abena Dove Osseo-Asare - Assistant Professor, Department of  
History, UC Berkeley
     * Elpidio Peria - Associate, Third World Network (TWN) -  
     * Antony Taubman - Head, Global Issues Division, World  
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
     Moderator: Anupam Chander - Professor of Law, University of  
California, Davis

-- Community Media & the Global Public Sphere. 
     * Murali Shanmugavelan - Head, Information Society Project,  
Panos London.
     * Sasha Costanza-Chock - Annenberg School for Communication,  
University of Southern California
     * Ethan Zuckerman - Researcher, Berkman Center for Internet and  
Society, Harvard Law School.
     * Natasha Primo - Chair, Association for Progressive  
Communications (APC); Executive Director, Women's Net.
     * Wijayananda Jayaweera - Director, Communication Development  
Division, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural  
Organization (UNESCO)
     Moderator: Fazila Farouk - Head, Civil Society Information  
Programme, Southern African NGO Network (SangoNet)

-- Broadband Wireless in Developing Countries. 
     * Susan Crawford - Associate Professor of Law, Benjamin N.  
Cardozo School of Law, New York
     * Willie Currie - Program Manager, Communications and  
Information Policy, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
     * Satish Jha - Co-Chair, World IT Forum (WITFOR)
     * Kaili Kan - Capacity Development Officer, IICD
     * Caio Pereira - Researcher and International Relations  
Coordinator FGV-Sao Paulo Law School
     Moderator: Diana Korsakaite - Director, Strategy Department,  
Communications Regulatory Authority, Lithuania

-- Agriculture & Intellectual Property
     * Fleur Claessens - Programme Officer - Intellectual Property,  
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
     * Daniel Kevles - Stanley Woodward Professor of History, Yale  
     * Susan Sell - Professor of Political Science and International  
Affairs, George Washington University
     * Dalindyebo Shabalala - Staff Attorney and Director,  
Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development Project, Center for  
International Environmental Law (CIEL)
     Moderator: Andrea Glorioso - Assistant Researcher, Politecnico  
di Torino

-- The Political Economy of Digital Archives
     * Glenn Otis Brown - Products Counsel, Google, Inc.
     * Paul Gerhardt - Project Director, Creative Archive, BBC
     * Magdy Nagi - Head of ICT Sector, Bibliotheca Alexandrina,  
Alexandria, Egypt
     * Denise Nicholson - Copyright Services Librarian, University of  
the Witwatersrand, South Africa
     * Guy Pessach - Lecturer, The Faculty of Law, The Hebrew  
University of Jerusalem
     Moderator: Teresa Hackett - Manager, eIFL-IP, Electronic  
Information for Libraries (eIFL)

-- Education in the Digital Age. 
     * Titilayo Akinsanmi - Program Manager, Global Teenager Project,  
Mindset, Johannesburg, South Africa
     * Saskia Harmsen - Capacity Development Officer, IICD
     * Geidy Lung - Legal Officer, Copyright Law Division, Copyright  
and Related Rights Sector, WIPO
     * Mira Sundara Rajan - Canada Research Chair in Intellectual  
Property Law, Faculty of Law, The University of British Columbia,  
Vancouver, Canada
     * Andrew Rens - LINK Centre, Creative Commons, South Africa
     Moderator: Jack Lerner - Fellow, Samuelson Clinic, Boalt Hall,  
UC Berkeley

-- Access to Scientific Knowledge
     * Chris Armbruster - Founder and Executive Director, Research  
Network 1989
     * Subbiah Arunachalam - Distinguished Fellow, MS Swaminathan  
Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai, India
     * Juan Carlos de Martin - Associate Professor, Politecnico di  
     * Larry Peiperl - Senior Editor, PLoS Medicine (Public Library  
of Science)
     * Sibusiso Sibisi - President and CEO, Council of Scientific and  
Industrial Research (CSIR), Pretoria, South Africa
     Moderator: Dan Burk - Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly Professor of  
Law, University of Minnesota Law School

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