There is a new trend in monument buildings in the countries of former 
Yugoslavia. After the wars that aimed to erradicate the multi-
cultural character of the former society, now the monuments are built 
in celebration of that very character to globally recognized 
imaginary heroes that fight for justice and protect the innocent: 
Bruce Lee in Mostar (Bosnia), Rocky Balboa in Zitiste (Serbia), 
Winettou in Plitvice (Croatia), Tarzan in Medja (Serbia) - birthplace 
of Jonny Weismueller, and Samantha Fox (before breast-reduction) in 
Cacak, the capital of Serbian country music. Significantly, the only 
place where such a monument faces desacration and vandalism is Mostar 
in Bosnia, also the only place still with multi-ethnic population. Is 
it so that Balkanians can accept theoretical multi-culturalism only 
once they practically destroy traces of culture of "others" around 

(article in Croatian)

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