This is sad news for us Brazilians and friends of 
Ricardo Rosas. He passed away on the 11th of 
April, in Fortaleza, where he was born. It was a 
shock for most of his friends, like me, as the 
recent lack of news about him unfortunately came 
followed by such cheerless information.

As far as I know, many participants of this lists 
[such as Brian Holmes, David Garcia, Felix 
Stalder, Geert Lovink, Trebor Scholz, Derek 
Holzer and other ones] were aware about his 
consistent contributions regarding the 
dissemination of critical ideas around new media, 
always raising political concerns embedded on new 

Ricardo was moderator of nettime-br [actually an 
enthusiast of such nettime version], editor of 
the electronic magazine Rizoma [ - 
currently off-line] and member of the network. He participated actively 
in the organization of the Mídia Tática Brasil, 
in 2003, a key event in São Paulo where many 
groups were able to meet, discuss and see that 
some spare initiatives could be better understood 
as a movement aiming 'tactical' actions, opposing 
hegemonic media, questioning the art system, etc.

I got to better know him personally by this 
occasion, as I was in a consultant condition that 
helped to convince Casa das Rosas, a cultural 
institution, to host this Midia Tatica event. We 
then joined forces for the organization of 
Digitofagia at MIS in 2004 [in which participated 
Ricardo M. Zuñiga, Felix Stalder and others] and 
for writing articles such as the Urgency, 
describing the context of art collectives dealing 
with urban concerns, for a special issue of 
Parachute Magazine. Many other collaborations 
followed this one, as true collaboration was one 
of his most foremost qualities. Differently from 
others that would speech in the name of openness 
merely as a strategy, Rosas really worked to 
widen the access to open knowledge and open 

He was currently taking part on the Documenta's 
publication project for the Documenta 2007 and 
was about to publish 'Net Cultura', a book 
commissioned by Waag-Sarai, co-organized by 
Giseli Vasconcelos -- another key person on free 
culture in Brazil.

Well, sorry for such a personal approach for 
contextualizing his contributions. I speak in the 
name of others: we will all miss Ricardo Rosas.



I have collected some spare URLs [sorry, some of 
them are only available in Portuguese]: [really fresh hommage by Trebor Scholz] [off line for the moment]



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