It is truly sad news to learn of Ricardo Rosas' untimely death.
Ricardo was so unusual, a selfless person full of enthusiasm and
originality, constantly producing texts and then increasingly,
events, but modestly, with what seemed to be only a concern for the
possible participation of others, and for opening up democratic and
popular spaces in Brazilian media culture. I remember going far out
to the edge of Sao Paulo where he had worked to helped organize
tactical media labs, the so-called "autolabs," that crossed class
lines. Immediately he had introduced me to everyone, while the local
teenagers involved were getting ready to do a video of their workshops
on safe sex! I think we met each time I was in Brazil and a couple
times abroad as well, but for some reason the time I remember is
walking through Sao Paolo at night after some kind of event at one of
the SESCs, late night, quiet city, air the temperature of your skin,
Ricardo talking purposefully and with curiosity and with that steady,
autonomous, critical reserve he had, a sense that many things might
have been done in other times and places, but that the results would
be a lot clearer when they were done right here and now. And then he
disappeared into the metro.

Ricardo, thanks for the feeling of welcome that you brought to the

Brian Holmes

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