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On 24/07/14 02:29 AM, Felix Stalder wrote:
> Now this is obviously the roughest of ballpark estimates you can
> make -- and I would be happy to see a better one -- but on the face
> of it, it seems to indicate that viewing one personal data as an
> economic asset is really a lousy idea,

"In as much as they constitute fixed capital, algorithms such as
Google's Page Rank and Facebook's Edgerank appear 'as a presupposition
against which the value-creating power of the individual labour
capacity is an infinitesimal, vanishing magnitude'.( Marx 1973: 694)
and that is why calls for individual retributions to users for their
'free labor' are misplaced. It is clear that for Marx what needs to be
compensated is not the individual work of the user, but the much
larger powers of social cooperation thus unleashed and that this
compensation implies a profound transformation of the grip that the
social relation that we call the capitalist economy has on society."


> no matter how you slice it.

If a person's personal data is economically valuable to the degree
required for it to be anything more than a negligible source of
passive income, the rest of their life(style) will be less workerish
and more megastarish.

If people want minimum wage for Tweeting then I want minimum wage plus
benefits for reading their arguments.

Facebook-workerism is creepy.

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