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On 9 April 2018 at 12:37, Örsan Şenalp <> wrote:
> It is still really hard to find non-(right wing and alike copy of
> left-wing)conspiracy analysis of Soros-left relationship, with good
> content as Geert Lovink was complaining in his 2000 The Art of Being
> Independent.   Just compiled to revalue Geert's very useful series of
> interviews and writings on the Soros issue below. These are the
> initial one I gathered to analyse, I am sure there are more written by
> Geert and others.
> Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality: A Conversation with
> Slavoj Zizek by Geert Lovink (21/2/1996):
> May 10, 1997, Calin Dan's email to the net-time list:
> SubReal and Romanian new media arts, Geert Lovink interviews with
> Calin Dan — February 10, 2000:
> The Art of Being Independent. On NGOs and the Soros debate by Geert
> Lovink, 2000:
> ...
> and the last one below just got published two days ago, while the
> hearings of the Morlock case was opening on the list. It is a great
> text, which confirms my uninformed opinion on the connection between
> Soros' launch of war at Silicon Valley giants in Davos last January,
> and  following (isolated) Analytica-Facebook campaign. This reminds me
> Soros' 18 billion USD worth wealth transfer to OSF at the end of last
> year:
> Let’s Talk about Social MediaBy Geert Lovink, April 7, 2018 at 10:48 am
> In January, when Soros was kicking of his war, there came out another
> pamphlet from Rosa Luxemburg NY office, prepared by Evgeny Morozov and
> Francesca Bria which presents a critique of Smart Cities that are
> modelled in the image of Wall Street and Silicon Valley (fellowship of
> money dealing and interest bearing capital as in Capital Vol. 3 and
> meta-data capital).
> Geert was rightly asking and calling for a good left analysis of
> Soros, in his 2000 piece. I wonder if he thinks is there such critical
> analysis as such  today. In my opinion we have a good class based
> global political economy analysis that puts Soro, and the
> transnational civil society-chain it created, in its place:
> Looking at which one can analyse ones own and other's positioning
> culturally, politically, and economically in and around the complex
> class struggle taking all of us down.
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