Since voices from Italy are rarely heard outside Italy, here another Q&D 
translation. Cheerio, p+7D! 

 (...)  "What seems to emerge (after Lavrov's eggregiious anti-semitic 
statements' -PR) is the shadow of the cultural humus that looks like having 
sedimented in the Kremlin during past twenty years. Meaning a magmatic 
ideological construct, ridden with contradictions, but with obvious outputs: in 
order to legitimize the absence of democracy and of social and political rights 
in the country itself, we have a new aggressive and war-mongering calling 
towards foreign parts - mote than twenty years have passed since the first war 
in Chechenia and the invasion of Ukraine, yet both are directly linked through 
an almost uninterrupted streak of conflicts, all based on the idea that 
'outside powers', international potentates or the Occident itself, all 
afflicted both by moral decay and undefined identity struggles 
('cosmopolitism'? A strange accusation from a country with thousand faces) are 
always out to deny Russia and its people their innate greatness. A cleptocratic 
system which has not us
 ed the riches coming from the export of oil and gas to better the living 
conditions of the population at large, but only to fatten a metropolitan elite 
just large enough to guarantee a  broad enough consensus to show for if the 
need arises. It has made its own population believe in an extensive and 
ramified anti-Russian conspiracy in order to justify their difficult living 
conditions - It were family men the soldiers who stole household goods from 
Ukrainian homes in order to ship them home. Maybe it is not even necessary to 
recall Dugin's anti-semitism, the fascism of [can't make out: 'Il' ], the 
over-the-top rhetorics of the 'new chronology', the evocation of Stalin, or 
that of a new Tsar, and the alliance with the orthodox church to understand 
that Lavrov's pronouncements, far from being a freaky anomalism, are rather its 
contrary. In a recent op-ed in the Guardian, historian Jason Stanley has 
suggested to interpret (Putin's) 'de-nazification appeal in the following 
light: "Russia
 n Christians are targets of a conspiracy by a global elite, who, using the 
vocabulary of liberal democracy and human rights, attack the Christian faith 
and the Russian nation." (*) From there it is easy to appreciate where the 
(true) ant-semitism comes from.  
 (*) from the original at:
 Q&D translated by yrs truly  Fiesole May 3,  
 original (& whole op-ed) at:  
 PS Since Lavrov made these statements in an interview (rather a monologue 
without any  interjections) on Italian Rete4 TV (Mediaset, Berlusconi-owned), a 
full-blown scandal has erupted in the national media about the limits of 
freedom of expression in the context of the war in Ukraine ... 
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