Dear list,

Here is Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022.

Warm Regards,
Yukihiko YOSHIDA

CFP Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022

"Feature competition" 60 minutes or more
"Short / Medium Competition" Works within 60 minutes
"Anthropology / Folklore Video Division" Works within 120 minutes
Organizer: neoneo editing room
Program Director Yu Kaneko Hiroro Sato
Advisor Yoshihiko Yatabe

Application Requirements
[Eligibility] No question. Regardless of age, nationality, gender,
individual, group, professional or amateur.

[Participation fee / exhibition fee] Free

[Recruitment details] Anyone can apply as long as they meet the following
application conditions.

・ The work must have been completed after January 1, 2021 (the anthropology
/ folklore video section is a work completed after January 2018).
・ Complete the necessary procedures for copyright of the images, photos,
music, etc. used in the work.
・ The work is intended for documentary by the creator
・ The format of the work does not matter, but it can be shown in video or
・ In the case of TV programs, those who have the necessary screening rights
for about two screenings
・ Be sure to add Japanese subtitles to overseas works and works made in
languages other than Japanese.
・ When applying on DVD, make it region code 2 or region free.

Recruitment period: February 15th to June 30th, 2022

・ Fill out the form or email
Form or form with the title of the work, fraction, director's name,
submitter's name, address, phone number, email address, "feature section",
"short / middle section", "anthropology / folklore video section" Please
apply by email. Upon receipt, we will inform you of the entry number.
・ Online link to video or DVD / Blu-ray

Application form

Please attach the viewing link (youtube or vimeo address) to the video
along with the above form or email. Alternatively, please mail the DVD /
Blu-ray to the following film festival secretariat (please refrain from
sending video files by email or online storage).

[Selection / Announcement]
・ From the submitted works, we will select the winning works from the short
and long-length competitions.
・ The winning films will be screened at the "Tokyo Documentary Film
Festival 2022" (scheduled to be held in the winter of 2022).
・ Prize money and souvenirs will be awarded to the "Grand Prix,"
"Semi-Grand Prix," and "Audience Award" in each category.

[Handling of copyright]
・ Copyright belongs to the creator
・ The film festival secretariat reserves the right to screen the submitted
works twice at each of the film festivals in Tokyo and Osaka.
・ Award-winning works and works that have become a hot topic may be
recommended for distribution works of the video distribution services "Aji
and Documentaries" and "Etonos Cinema".

[Organizer] Documentary magazine neoneo editing room

[Contact] 〒155-0031 4-4-8-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo "Tokyo Documentary
Film Festival" Secretariat
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