Dear Nettimers,
Thanks David for your recollection of the Cuban Missile Crisis and for adding 
the link to the Guardian article; both of which are extremely important and 
tend to be glossed over or else buried deep in the sub-conscious out of dread 
or fear; to add to this discussion I am adding a link to a film I made some 
<>). Besides the fact that while people know about 
the actual bombing of these cities there is a lack of common knowledge about 
how and why. The atomic bomb was developed in complete secrecy and when they 
were used a massive propaganda campaign was launched to justify their use - 
mainly that it brought an end to the war with Japan and saved thousands of 
lives. In retrospect (as many historians have revealed) this rationale was 
highly questionable if not completely wrong. 
When hearing the flippant way some commentators are talking about the war in 
Ukraine and nuclear weapons I wonder what kind of insane universe these people 
inhabit. Thanks again David for bringing this up.

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