Nothing brings the gently glowing embers of
nettime to life quite like the prospect
of its immanent demise, when the mods launch
one of their cunningly infrequent "shake-em-up"

Whatever the outcome of this latest experiment
the kick-up-the-arse alone makes it worthwhile.

Thank You Mod-Fathers

David Garcia

On 2022-11-30 07:31, bernd kasparek wrote:
Dear nettimers,

I joined this list some months ago, have never posted but always read
with great interest and consequential enlightenment.

I of course fully agree with the argument about technical fixes to
social problems, but still feel that this is something that should be
explored more empirically in the context of the usage of this list.

On the technical points: Yes, mail has become more difficult lately,
but it is not impossible to run your own server. Furthermore, it is
possible to run a mailman instance that is in full compliance with
SPIF, DMARC and DKIM, with the only caveat being the rewriting of the
from: header (the "... via mailinglistname" you might see on other
mailing lists).

But I really wanted to make a different point: I thoroughly enjoy
nettime as a mailing list, I enjoy the long form mails exceeding 2k
characters, I enjoy the built-in offline availability my MUA offers
me, the discoverability, the searchability, the threadedness, etc. I
am not convinced (but I am open to persuasion) that Mastodon et al.
offer all that. Fundamentally, I do believe moving to social
media-esque formats will alter the way we discuss and read each other
and believe these consequences should be discussed a bit more in-depth
before making such a move.

I fully understand that infrastructure maintenance is tedious, boring
and too often un-gratifying. But maintaining a mastodon instance will
also be that, once the initial setup is done. The plight of the
sysadmin is independent from the particular kind of tech she
maintains. If I can help out there, I'm happy to join the effort.

best wishes


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