Changing the system is a political choice. Any technology is politic. Moving from email technology to web technology is a real politic affair which contradicts the common ideas deployed in this list. Freedom to publish, freedom to communicate. Equality.

I receive and read Nettime in a separate custom folder, in plain text, with my choosen font family made for a good reading. I can concentrate on the contents only, and not be disturbed by any other web tech on the page. I have all my received and sent emails on my Thunderbird since my second mail account in 1996. When I search something in the posts, I have the result in a matter of seconds. With a good plugin, I could classify the posts by keywords if I wanted to. I could use very clever text analysis tools on all contents. I can automatically translate the contents with the adapted plugin. I can automatically arrange the post in conversations, and print or export the total content of a conversation. I can forward some post to someone in a second. I can forward it encrypted for someone in a dictatorial country in a second. I can BCC my posts to other folks not subscribing to the list. My posts can be automatically corrected like into a text editor (not the case today...). I can automatically (POP3) download my emails when I have connectivity, and read them, or compose answers when I don't have connectivity in the middle of my desert. No other technology can concentrate so usefull management of words and knowledge.

All this can be done without any tracking technology: pixel, cookie or other big brother tech related to a html content on a web server running a fediverse service.

Plus, Mail servers can run on the resilient or or other independant/resilient/low-cost/self-managed alternative networks, with very low bandwith, and very light server distribution running on 3 watts-consuming servers. We need to preserve this low-tech possibility, because in the next decennies, the avaibility of energy, freedom of speech, free networks, data centers, large bandwith, is not guaranteed at all.

At the opposite, any fediverse service can only run on a more complex server, because it's distributing all sort of media and web technologies. It's more deeply linked to the hardware and software industry, and their updates, to the political nature of networks through their technologies, to the threats to freedom of speech, to the business aspect of networks. It's more deeply linked to the Gafam Batx colonialisms which invades all HTML pages including fediverse services, because it's so easy to embbed a tracking tech or an advertising in any HTML document. The same for tracking techs created by intelligence services, through geolocation and other meta data. It's also so easy to add an advertising near a fediverse service frame. Don't forget that our political future is moving to techno/eco/dictatorship. The smallest metadatas we release, the better.

I am not opposed to fediverse technologies. I use them. But Nettime survives, in good health, because of the email technology. The medium is the message. Going to web technologies would sign its death.


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