Maamoun TK <> writes:

> Is nettle-dev:ppe64el installed in the image?
> If not installed, there is no point in removing it.

There was a loop over all archs. But I guess I should just remove ppc64
from that list. I was a bit in a hurry to get something working.

> I have no experience modifying build images, I will open an issue in the
> image
> repository asking to add support for powerpc64.

I too have no experience with docker, but it looks like it should be
fairly easy to add.

> The cross-compiler packages are supported officially. libc6-ppc64-cross
> installs
>  the same required files that are installed by libc6:ppc64 but without
> copying the LD shared
> library to the default directory so the patch exports QEMU_LD_PREFIX to
> point out to
> the LD location. So yes, it works fine since it behaves the same.

Nice, I'll try enabling that then. Does that mean that explicitly
setting QEMU_LD_PREFIX is needed only for ppc64 (big-endian), but not
for ppc64el?


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