you may suffer from OOM when we are using

public static final ByteBufAllocator byteBufAllocator =

and configure your Encoder as “preferDirect = false”, so you are using
HeapBuf for encoding.

public class NettyProtocolEncoder extends MessageToByteEncoder<Object> {

    public NettyProtocolEncoder() {

the problem is caused by the code below

protected final Object filterOutboundMessage(Object msg) {
        if (msg instanceof ByteBuf) {
            ByteBuf buf = (ByteBuf) msg;
            if (buf.isDirect()) {
                return msg;

            return newDirectBuffer(buf);

        if (msg instanceof FileRegion) {
            return msg;

        throw new UnsupportedOperationException(
                "unsupported message type: " +
StringUtil.simpleClassName(msg) + EXPECTED_TYPES);

 static final class ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf extends UnpooledDirectByteBuf {

        private static final Recycler<ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf>
RECYCLER = new Recycler<ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf>() {
            protected ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf newObject(Handle handle) {
                return new ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf(handle);

        static ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf newInstance() {
            ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf buf = RECYCLER.get();
            return buf;

        private final Handle handle;

        private ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf(Handle handle) {
            super(UnpooledByteBufAllocator.DEFAULT, 256, Integer.MAX_VALUE);
            this.handle = handle;

        protected void deallocate() {
            if (capacity() > THREAD_LOCAL_BUFFER_SIZE) {
            } else {
                RECYCLER.recycle(this, handle);

   - netty tried to convert the HeapBuf into a DirectBuf
   (filterOutboundMessage method)。The DirectBuf is retrieved from RECYCLER
   - RECYCLER may hold a large amount of ThreadLocalDirectByteBuf.
   - RECYCLER is not used to retrieve buffer when reading data. Attempts to
   allocate DirectBuffer may trigger FullGC
   - your peer could be in the same situation. so both side get blocked.

i’m wondering why we are not using RECYCLER when reading data  ;)

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