While upgrading to Netty 4.1.5, I noticed the following behaviour with 
cookie decoding:

STRICT cookie decoder silently ignores all incorrect cookies: For example

    public void testCookieDecoder() throws Exception {
        // Invalid cookie name as it contains a delimiter ',' character:
        Set<Cookie> cookies = 
        System.out.println("Decoded: " + cookies);

This will print: 

  "Decoded: []"

Now the caller remains completely clueless that there in fact was an 
invalid cookie present. This doesn't throw any exceptions due to illegal 
cookie names. I assume this is by design?

If so it would be useful to have a version of .decode() that could be used 
for validation purposes. One that would throw an exception when faced with 
invalid cookie names etc. What do you think? 

Many thanks,

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