I am looking for a way to generate connection profile config files without 
applying the settings to the currently enabled network interfaces that are 
already configured.  I am using NetworkManager on an embedded device and I want 
to fully generate all profile config files before having any of them be 
applied.  This is to ensure the full update of the embedded device was 
successful before applying the changes.  So basically, I am looking for a way 
to use nmcli to generate config files for connection profiles and have them 
written somewhere, but not have them take effect with the current running 
instance of NetworkManager.  I don't want the network interfaces current state 
interrupted since an update application is talking to a remote update server 
telling it the update status.

Here is the background of what I am currently doing.  I am currently doing this 
by running NetworkManager in a chroot which uses the new /etc path vs the 
running system and the config files are written there.  Once the install is 
successful, the chroot /etc path is setup as the new official path on reboot.  
The issue is that running NetworkManager in the chroot requires stopping the 
NetworkManager for the running system and then using nmcli the new profiles are 
created.  This results in those changes taking effect immediately and stay 
until I stop NetworkManager in the chroot environment and restart 
NetworkManager in the normal runtime environment.  When those changes take 
effect, I lose connection to my remote update server that is tracking the 
update status.

Does this write config but don't apply functionality exist?  If not are there 
any other suggestions other than writing my own NetworkManager profile config 
file generator?  I want to avoid writing a config file generator as I know over 
time sometimes newer versions of NetworkManager change the connection profile 
config file format slightly.

Best Regards,

Matthew Starr

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