On 03.08.2021 17:38, Thomas Haller via networkmanager-list wrote:
> Also, if you modify profiles via D-Bus API (which is what nmcli does),
> then the configuration only take effect when activating the profile the
> next time. I mean, the profile changes immediately, but the current
> network configuration does not. That means, even if a profile is
> currently activated, you might be able to modify it, without changing
> the runtime configuration of the interface yet.

Is it possible to see profile properties currently active on a
interface? Because nmcli displays configured properties even if they
changed and device was activated with older profile definition.

> - if you modify a profile that is currently active, then the properties
> "connection.metered" and "connection.zone" take effect immediately,
> unless you specify "no-reapply" flag for Update2 ([1]).

Is it possible to do it with nmcli?
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