Hello togehter,

I would like to know that a network-manager (especially the nm-tray) need to offer Enterprise connections with PEAP (e.g. for "eduroam" WLAN)?

The background of my question:
In a usual Debian bullsey (stable, 11) the nm is able to connect to "eduroam" with PEAP etc. No problem there.

But I also have a minimal Debian bullsey (image for raspberry pi 4 from raspi.debian.net) with no X and no default user. I added a user myself and installed xfce and network-manager. I can connect to usual home network WLANs (WPA2). Then I tried to create a new connection via the nm-tray symbol to a PEAP (WPA-Enterprise?). The problem is that "PEAP" is not offered to my. It is missing in the "security" drop down menu. Also WPA-Enterprise is missing.

I assume that some components are missing. But searching the Debian repository I got no hint what could it be. Do you have any idea?

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