I realized I am missing a piece before this.
I need to be able to get and handle nl80211 events, which means that I
need a thread or event loop or something that listens to the nl80211
channel and parses events. The event I need is the end of the
connection from the CSME side. This brings to the fundamental question
of the threading model in NetworkManager.
Do we have a sort of event loop? Looks like the NetworkManager runs on
an event loop and very few things run in a different thread, but I
couldn't really see any clear information about it.


Thanks :)

Emmanuel Grumbach

On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 5:00 PM Emmanuel Grumbach <egrumb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Next steps about the CSME integration :)
> Now the flow I need is to do the following in case os_owner is false:
> List all the connections configured on wifi
>     * If none match what we got from CSME - we do nothing and wait
> until CSME will remove the rfkill
>     * If there is a match, we need pick that connection  but connect
> to the same bssid as CSME was connected to
> Then we can ask for ownership
> I saw there is nm_setting_wireless_get_bssid which will tell us if the
> connection has a bssid (not sure I am correct here) and if there is a
> bssid, we'll connect to that same AP. Is that something I can use?
> Maybe I should create another connection with a specific bssid and
> "disable" all the others? not sure what's the right way to go here.
> Another thing we'll need is to limit the scan on the channel on which
> the AP we look for is working. We don't want to waste time to scan all
> the channels. The supplicant has a configuration for that.
> Any guidance will be appreciated :)
> I'll continue digging anyway.
> Thanks!
> Emmanuel Grumbach
> egrumb...@gmail.com
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