> On Tue, 2022-03-08 at 08:35 +0200, Emmanuel Grumbach via
> networkmanager-list wrote:
> > I realized I am missing a piece before this.
> > I need to be able to get and handle nl80211 events, which means that
> > I
> > need a thread or event loop or something that listens to the nl80211
> > channel and parses events. The event I need is the end of the
> > connection from the CSME side. This brings to the fundamental
> > question
> > of the threading model in NetworkManager.
> > Do we have a sort of event loop? Looks like the NetworkManager runs
> > on
> > an event loop and very few things run in a different thread, but I
> > couldn't really see any clear information about it.
> Hi,
> we use a glib mainloop. Read
> https://tecnocode.co.uk/2014/03/27/what-is-gmaincontext/
> There is only one thread (except, that GDBus spawns a worker thread
> internally and that we might do a blocking write to sysctl on a thread,
> but NM itself is for the most case single threadded).
> In this case, you would poll on the file descriptor. So use
> `nm_g_unix_fd_add_source()`.

I looked into this and basically I'd have to reimplement
event_handler_read_netlink which reads from priv->nlh where I need to
read from genl...
The pick of priv->nlh and very deep in the code.
I guess I could add DELAYED_ACTION_TYPE_READ_NL80211 just like we have
event_handler_read_nl80211 which would set a parameter in the platform
so that event_handler_read_netlink will read from genl instead of
priv->nlh? Since everything is single thread, that could work?
OTOH, it'd mean that the handling of the nl82011 messages would be in
nm-linux-platform which isn't desirable either.
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