Hello, I'm new to the list; I am working on moving an application to Centos 
Stream 9 running inside an openstack cloud virtual guest.  I have 
created:/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/90-dns-none.conf:[main]dns=noneto prevent 
Network Manager from overwriting the /etc/resolv.conf with incorrect DNS server 
entries from our DHCP service. This is working.
I also need to tell Network Manager to override the MTU provided by the DHCP 
service (which is telling my interfaces to use mtu=9000).  I have 
then: systemctl reload NetworkManager
I can then:  nmcli device modify eth0 ethernet.mtu 1500  and it changes the mtu 
to 1500 (shown in: ip address show).  However, when I reboot, it changes back 
to mtu 9000.
ifcfg-eth0 file still contains MTU=9000
Can someone provide some guidance on how this should work please?
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