I am using networkmanager 1.22.10 and sometimes see a strange behavior:
Our AP is showing in in the list but with a RATE and SIGNAL of "0" and
is not connectable.

# nmcli d wifi list
IN-USE  BSSID              SSID           MODE   CHAN  RATE      SIGNAL  BARS  
*       7C:97:63:70:3E:F8  ROBOT_TEST_AP  Infra  1     0 Mbit/s  0             

# nmcli d wifi connect ROBOT_TEST_AP password ********
Error: No network with SSID 'ROBOT_TEST_AP' found.

It happens sometimes in our automated tests, I don't have more details
yet but it is likely that after just a few seconds or a rescan, the AP
becomes connectable.

It looks to me like a kind of race condition where the AP is listed but
not actually ready.

Does someone know if this is an expected behavior or if this has been
fixed in newer versions of NetworkManager ?

Best regards,
Alexandre Bard
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