I've successfully used NetworkManager (and ModemManager) for some time to 
manage various combinations of:
- ethernet
- wifi
- gsm

Truly networking that just works. Greatly appreciated!

During the on-going chip crisis then first the ethernet transceiver has been 
removed and now wifi is about to be removed for some configurations. In 
manufacturing a network connection is needed for some test logs and some bytes 
of data which now could be transmitted over gsm if it weren't for some modems 
not having frequency bands available in the factory's region. 
This has led to interest in using an available serial port for internet access 
through a gateway.

A simple test shows that using pppd may setup a connection but would require 
some additional management (i.e. routing) which is what NetworkManager is 
really good at.
NetworkManager can detect the interface (ppp0) created but lists it as 
disconnected. The ppp0 interface is in reality already connected by a pppd 
session (ping ok) and launching another pppd session through NetworkManager is 
probably not what we want(?).

To my understanding there is no suitable connection type and as serial ports 
are not added as devices (Can't find any mention of udev tricks to force the 
behaviour) and it probably is not possible to make NetworkManager to launch a 
pppd session on top of a serial port which is not a modem.

Could it be possible to be pointed in the right direction or is this totally 
out of scope for NetworkManager?

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